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Fresh & Easy Food Market
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SPAR is the world’s leading food retail chain. Starting with one Dutch store in 1932, the business now comprises more than 12,000 stores in 42 countries worldwide. Its continued growth is rooted in a set of core values that has always been at the heart of the business for more than 80 years. These are freshness, quality, service, and value.

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SPAR is passionate about retailing and is driven by committed local retailers who understand and care about their communities. With long dedication to excellence in fresh foods and outstanding service among others, SPAR meets the needs of its customers, offering a wide selection of quality fresh foods and friendly, personal service.


Now, SPAR is expanding to Thailand in its join-force partnership with Bangchak, the country’s leading energy company. It aims at bringing the brand and world-class retailing to shoppers here via combining local with international products and investing in new stores, which will create additional jobs opportunities in the area. The store offers an extensive range of fresh produce, focusing on the convenience and needs of local consumers. Above all, the goal of SPAR is to deliver a world-class shopping experience to the local Thais and promoting their convenient, healthy lifestyles.